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Kiev Dolphinarium NEMO does not work.
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«Terrarium of Dolphinarium Nemo» has prepared a gift to visitors.

Two interesting room where everyone can get acquainted with the inhabitants of rivers, lakes and thickets of tropical waters off the coast to work for you. Huge paludariums allowed seeing how among the brightest plants amazing lizards and snakes secludedly arranged, among driftwood and roots whimsical fish and turtles scurry, in groves of bamboo trunks crocodile is lurked. And next you look at these marvelous creatures in the exhibition terrariums.

You will enjoy observing the animals, can be photographed next to the corners of the rainforest, and in addition, will hear all the answers - our guides will introduce you to the world of the humid tropics!

Ticket price of terrarium «Nemo» is 80 UAH

The ticket price includes a fascinating tour.