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Swimming with dolphins

  • Give an unforgettable gift to yourself and your loved ones! Swim with dolphins in Kiev all year round Dolphinarium «Nemo», swim and communicate with these amazing animals.

  • Swimming with dolphins is a specially organized program when you are not just in the water next to the dolphins, and feel yourself as a coach. The water temperature in the pool up to 24 degrees, the air temperature is 26 degrees.
    The cost of swimming (10 minutes) is 2500 UAH.

  • Dolphin will play with you; will let you ride grasping their fins and bellies, dance waltz, just as on the shows with the coaches. Friends and loved ones at this point can take pictures and shoot video.

    To swim with the friendly dolphins, you need to pre-register for a certain time, for that simply calls: +380 (50) 447-99-99.

  • Swimming takes place in bathing suits; if necessary the trainer can provide you with your wetsuit size (suit for rent 200 UAH).
    Children over 5 years old are provided with children inflatable vests.
    Children under 5 years and pregnant women are not allowed for swimming!
    Please note that the Administration of dolphinarium reserves the right to change swimming sessions in case of unforeseen circumstances that prevent their implementation. Late person to swim with dolphins are not allowed, no refunds.

Instructions on how to activate gift certificate: swim with dolphins can be any day of the week by appointment for 14 days before the swimming, except Monday (day off).
To buy gift certificate and get more information please call: +380 (44) 520-55-55 or +380 (50) 447 9999.

It is believed that touching a dolphin gives happiness.