Vacancy. Dolphin Trainer

We are not just looking for employees. Looking for supermen with superpowers. People with an infinite, boundless love for animals. People ready for responsibility. People who are happy to be friends, colleagues, coaches and parents for these extraordinary animals - dolphins.

You must be prepared:

 • work 6 days a week and more;

 • to irregular working hours;

 • to be in touch 16 hours a day, seven days a week;

 • to have the opportunity and desire at any moment to move to another city, country, continent, planet ☺ (the NEMO network is spread all over the world).

What should you be?

 • We need creative, organized and responsible people;

 • You need to immediately understand that 70% of your work time will be taking care of and caring for mammals;

 • The ability to swim and jump beautifully into the water is a must;

 • You need to become a dolphin: to be fun, inquisitive, active, practically live in water;

 • You need to be more than 'fish in water';

 • You must be artistic and attractive;

 • Love people and children;

 • Have sports and dance skills, make friends with coordination and your body;

 • Sports titles 'Masters of Sport' or 'Candidate Master of Sports' are welcomed and encouraged.

In return, you will receive:

 • Life filled with bright events, trips, new acquaintances;

 • Experience as an artist;

 • Contact with amazing animals, deep understanding of zoopsychology, principles of formation of behavior of any animals (chicken, horse, dolphin, husband ect.)

Details by phone:
✆ +38 (050) 466-27-77, Tatiana