Ukraine record in NEMO

Odessans will set a new record of Ukraine on Valentine's Day

February 14 at 14:00 on the Lanzheron embankment will set a record for the flight range of the cork from a bottle of sparkling wine, which will be included in the Book of Records of Ukraine.

On Valentine's Day in the most romantic place in Odessa, one of the residents of our city will be able to make his name in the history of records of Ukraine. Contenders for the record will shoot in turn, according to the rules established by the organizer, and under the supervision of official representatives of the Book of Records of Ukraine.

We invite everyone to take part in setting a record of Ukraine!

To become a member, you must register in a special form on the link.

For those who wish, who will come without their own attribute, the organizers will hand over a bottle of sparkling wine. All bottles and congestion will be numbered. The record will be officially recorded by the representative of the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

Please note that only persons over 18 years old will be allowed to participate in setting the record!

The participant who sets a record for the flight range of the traffic jam will receive a special prize from the NEMO complex - a certificate for swimming with dolphins for two!

The participants, included in the TOP-10, the organizers will present invitations to the show with the United Planet dolphins.

The remaining registered participants will receive tickets to the show 'United Planet' for a third of the price, that is, 100 UAH.
Recall that in 2018, NEMO set a record for Ukraine, simultaneously opening 213 bottles of sparkling wine.

Date: February 14

Time: 14:00

Location: Lanzheron Embankment, Fountain Square

Free admission

Organizer: Resort & SPA Hotel NEMO with dolphins

Partner: TM 'Bolgrad'