Swimming-bathing with dolphins

We support the mood and take care of the nervous system during the war through communication with dolphins.

Dolphin ultrasound has a calming effect, has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system and triggers the production of endorphins (happiness hormones).

We invite you to swim with dolphins. You can chat with them, swim and even dance.

The cost of the service "Swimming with dolphins" is from Monday to Thursday — 3000 UAH, from Friday to Sunday — 4000 UAH. Duration - 10 minutes.

Swimming, bathing and communication with dolphins is carried out in the pool of the Odessa year-round dolphinarium, as well as in the pool of the NEMO hotel. Cheer up yourself and your loved ones! While swimming, you are not just in the water next to the dolphins, but feel like a coach.

After a five-minute briefing, you will descend into the water to the dolphins. Dolphins will play with you, roll on their fins, on their tummies, waltz with you, just like in the performances with a trainer. Friends and relatives at this moment can be in a specially designated area, take pictures of you and shoot on video.

Swimming takes place in bathing suits, if necessary, the coach can provide you with a wetsuit of your size (the cost of renting a wetsuit is 200 UAH). Children under 5 years old are provided with children's vests.

Attention! Swim tickets are non-refundable and non-refundable. Latecomers to swimming with dolphins are not allowed, the money is not returned.
Bathing takes place by appointment, to sign up for a convenient time for you, call:

You can also make the best gift for a dear person - order a gift certificate for Swimming with dolphins.

All funds will be used for feeding, vitamins and medicines for dolphins in Odessa and Kharkov.

Touch the miracle — they say that dolphins are able to fulfill wishes!