Photo with a sea lion

For the first time in the Odessa Nemo Dolphinarium, you have a unique opportunity — to take a photographed with a sea lion!

Choose one of two locations for a perfect selfie:

1. Photo on the platform. Before the start of the performance, as well as upon its completion, everyone can take a photo with this cute pinniped on the platform.

2. On the territory of the Beach Club by the pool with dolphins.  You can take a photo with a sea lion by the pool with dolphins three times a day: at 10:30, 14:30 and 17:00.

The cost of the photo (1 person):

- photos on your camera — 250 UAH
- photos on our camera — 350 UAH (1 photo A-4)

Keep in mind the most pleasant memories of talking with marine animals at the NEMO Dolphinarium!