Diving with dolphins

Dive into the water and chat with dolphins in their language!

You think this is something from the realm of fiction? Give these fantastic moments to yourself and your loved ones! Our fiction is becoming a reality. You are waiting for half an hour of zero gravity in the hydro cosmos along with our charming dolphins! As well as a unique opportunity to swim with newborn dolphins in their natural environment.

According to many, diving (scuba diving) and free diving (snorkeling) are one of the most wonderful types of outdoor activities. Judge for yourself where you can so relax and take a break from the bustle of modern life, if not in the underwater world, the world of weightlessness, peace and quiet. And if dolphins are your partners and guides in the kingdom of Neptune, you will receive incomparable pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

We offer diving and free diving with dolphins for children and adults, and even for those who cannot swim at all. You will be reconstructed, selected and given a set of equipment for scuba diving, and will be constantly with you during the dive instructor, dive guide, photo and video operators.

Warm at any time of the year, salty and crystal clear sea water of the pools of the Odessa Dolphinarium 'Nemo' will be your meeting place with the most magnificent, truly unearthly creatures — dolphins.

The total time spent in the dolphinarium for those who use this service is at least 3 hours (this includes preparation, training, instruction). Direct immersion and communication with dolphins under water in their element takes at least 30 minutes.

In order to get this service (and for the purpose of your video recording), you need to make an appointment by phone.You can sign up for diving from 13:00 to 22:00 by calling:

  • +38 (067) 740 71 71
  • +38 (066) 840-71-71
  • Viber: +38 (066) 840-71-71

Oleg, diving instructor.

Diving with dolphins — 4000 UAH

The cost of underwater video shooting is 1000 UAH

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Diving with dolphins