March 2020

Ticket office of NEMO dolphinarium and Oceanarium is open daily

from 10:00 to 19:30.


Due to quarantine, shows will not be held until April 3. See you soon!

Title Day Session Price
DAILY SHOW 'UNITED PLANET' Tue — Su 12:00 15:00 18:00 300 UAH

Ticket Prices

Entrance to the show and to the aquarium:
- children under 5 years (with birth certificate, no separate place)
- the persons on their birthday under the age of 18 years (with a copy of the birth certificate)
Photos and videos during the show
10:00 — 19:30
130 UAH
Photos on the dais with the dolphins 5 person photos on your camera
250 UAH
photos on our camera
350 UAH
(1 photo A-4)
Swimming 1 circle with
dolphins + photo in water with dolphins as a gift
1 person 1000 UAH
VIP-swimming-bathing with dolphins
duration - 10 min
3000 UAH
Program 'Become coach' 2-day group lessons
5-day group lessons
2500 UAH
4000 UAH
Relaxation exercises with the dolphins for pregnant women 1 lesson 25 min
3000 UAH
Diving with dolphins (teaching + equipment+ trainer + diving) 3.00 hours 4000 UAH
Program 'Meet the dolphins' 1 person 2000 UAH