In 2003 the company «Nerum» and «Odessa dolphinarium», united enthusiasts and specialists in studying, content and upbringing of sea mammals, was made a decision of organization in Odessa about stationary whole year round dolphinarium. In spring 2004 were developed technical task, project documentation, and formed all the necessary agreements. The building began. In 2005 to the International Day of Children Protection was a solemn opening of the all-season Odessa City dolphinarium. The opening of Odessa dolphinarium «Nemo» was an event not only in frames of Southern Capital, but also in frames of whole Ukraine.

Dolphinarium was projected and built by internation standards. The content of sea mammals corresponds to all the confirmed conventions and requirements. About the conditions of sea animals and about the professionalism of Odessa dolphinarium specialists says the fact, that first time for the last 10 years among all the dolphinariums of Ukraine especially in Odessa was born a small dolphin. This fact attracted a lot of attention of Mass media, including international. The experts of LLC «Nerum» and «Odessa Dolphinarium» in content and upbringing of sea mammals are specialists, who have long-term experience of work with sea animals Urivskiy D.A., Komogorova E.V., Mironova D.V. Odessa dolphinarium exists already for 6 years. But even today, a pearl at the sea - is one of the best resorts in Ukraine, can boast with a dolphinarium, entering in the leading top-5 of Europe dolphinariums. During this period of time dolphinarium «Nemo» took one of the leading places in the list of sightseeing places of the beauty - Ukraine.