Swimming with dolphins

Take advantage of the unique offer from Kharkov Dolphinarium NEMO!

Get certificates for swimming with dolphins now — swim in the summer, or at any other time, until December 28, 2020.

Swimming with dolphins for many of us is a dream. In Kharkov Dolphinarium «Nemo» Your dream will become a reality. Move to a world of new sensations will help you to our amazing dolphins.

Swimming, bathing and communication with dolphins take place in Kharkov all year round dolphinarium 'Nemo'. Give yourself and your family unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions, because now it is so important!

What you will find:

•  Acquaintance with amazing dolphins;
•  After a brief briefing, you will descend into the water to the dolphins;
•  Dolphins will play with you, ride fins, on their tummies, dance a waltz;
•  Friends and relatives at this moment can be on a specially designated site, take pictures of you and shoot on video.
•  You are charged with unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions.

Bathing takes place in bathing suits, if necessary, the coach can provide you with a wetsuit of your size (rental price — 200 UAH.). Children under 5 years old are provided with baby vests.

The usual cost of the 'Swimming with Dolphins' service is 3000 UAH. Duration — 10 minutes. As part of the 'Buy Now — Bathe in the Summer' campaign, you can purchase the service for only 999 UAH.

What you need to bring with you:

•  Swimsuit;
•  Towel;
•  Slippers.

Tickets for swimming are not exchangeable and refundable.

Late faces for swimming with dolphins are not allowed, money is not returned.

For the maximum comfort of our guests — a preregistration is made to the 'Swimming with Dolphins' service. In order to purchase this service, as well as sign up for a swim, call:

+38 (050)383 66 66

Touch the miracle — they say that dolphins are able to fulfill the most cherished desires!