Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins for many of us is a dream. In Kharkov Dolphinarium «Nemo» Your dream will become a reality. Move to a world of new sensations will help you to our amazing dolphins.

Swimming with the dolphins - this is a unique opportunity to relax, recharge with positive emotions, enjoy the strength and agility of marine animals. During a joint voyage friendly dolphins will substitute their dorsal fins, a ride on your pool. While swimming with dolphins you are not an observer, both the representation and active participant and partner in the dolphin fun game. This activity will also appeal to kids and adults!

Photo and video while swimming

While swimming with dolphins you can take pictures and shoot video at your loved ones for free.

Swimming as a gift

Swimming with dolphins can be an original gift for your loved one that will be remembered for a long time. Duration bathing and cost of the service varies, so everyone can choose the program that best fit you and your family.


The cost of one lap swimming, swim with dolphins you can see in the price description page (dolphin fills you dorsal fins, swims with you one big circle in the basin, our photographer will take pictures of you and as a gift you will receive a photo of a large size, format A-4).

The cost of swimming-bath for 10 minutes - 2500 UAH.

Dolphins will ride for you and fins on the belly and dance the waltz. This specially organized program will allow you to feel the incredible energy and power of the smartest animals on the planet.

What do you need?

Before swimming with dolphins trainers will conduct training for you. Swimming takes place in bathing suits, if necessary, the trainer can provide you with the size of your wetsuit (200 UAH.).

Children older than 5 years are given special inflatable vests.

Pregnant women are allowed to bathe only after consultation with a specialist.

Sea water temperature in the basin +23 ° C. Air temperature +26 ° C.

If you want to swim with our cute dolphin, sign, please,

for a certain time by phone: +38 (057) 700 777 5.

And finally: it is believed that touching a dolphin gives happiness to man.