Relaxation therapy for adults

Relaxation therapy for adults — high rate of life of the inhabitants of a large city, unfavorable ecology, psychological stress, stressful situations, often bring into our lives fatigue, exhaustion, problems in business, family, physical and mental imbalance.

The specially designed program allows you to effectively solve a wide range of psycho-emotional problems, to restore internal harmony, improve quality of life.

· one lesson = 4500 UAH

· course of 5 lessons = 4000 UAH (With the possibility to buy more tickets).

· the duration of training - 25 minutes.

Dolphins - amazingly friendly and sociable animals. We can say with confidence that each session will be followed by extremely positive emotions. Scientists have found that in the process of communicating with the dolphins there is an increased release of endorphins - the hormones of joy and happiness. People who suffering from various illnesses, say about the disappearance of fatigue feelings, apathy, stress, removal of chronic pain and improve overall health.

Relaxation course includes 5-10 sessions. The duration of each session is 25 minutes (including 20 minutes of contact and swimming with dolphins).

The course is formed individually, taking into account indications, features and customer requests.

Testimony for the course:

· neuroses (anxiety, phobic, obsessive);

· depression of different nature;

· chronic fatigue;

· post-traumatic stress disorder;

· emotional burnout;

· problems of personal growth;

· difficulties in relationships;

· psychosomatic disorders;

· border forms of neuropsychiatric disorders.

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