Dolphin therapy

Dolphin therapy is a unique holistic approach to treatment, correction and rehabilitation of psycho-emotional and somatic disorders in children and adults. Its development and the scientific confirmation of the dolphin therapy as a part of animal therapy, has found in a network of dolphinariums «Nemo». In Kharkov she practiced for 4 years and has many positive results. Today the Dolphin is becoming increasingly popular and rightfully occupies a leading position among other types of animal therapy.

How is the Dolphin therapy?

The process of therapy in Kharkiv Dolphinarium «Nemo» is an individual approach to each client. Depending on diagnosis, age and personal characteristics, selected individual program for each patient.

In therapy involving specially trained dolphins, with special relation to the people. In the course of the Dolphin therapy the person receives the necessary complex of the physiological and psychological mechanisms of effects on the body.

Dolphin therapy occurs under the supervision of a number of professionals: doctor, psychologist and physiotherapist. As well as to enhance the effect of the Dolphin opened a rehabilitation center, which takes a number of other specialists, depending on the problem, we turned to the patient. Therapy in Kharkiv Dolphinarium «Nemo» includes-based rehabilitation, art therapy and fairy tale therapy. Each seance carries the elements of creativity and improvisation.

Every person who visits it takes more than just communicating with animals: Dolphin gives you a kind of momentum, energy fuse for the jump in their development.

Visiting cultural and health center Nemo, You will realize that the true miracles, where they believe it!

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