Dolphin therapy for children and adults

Dolphin therapy is a unique integrated approach to the treatment, correction and rehabilitation of psycho-emotional and somatic disorders of children and adults. Dolphin therapy, as a kind of animal therapy, has found its development and scientific evidence in the Nemo Dolphinarium network. In Kharkiv, it has been practicing for 4 years and has many positive results. Today, dolphin therapy is becoming increasingly popular and rightfully occupies a leading position among other types of animal therapy.

How is pass dolphin therapy?

The process of therapy in the Kharkov Dolphinarium "Nemo" is an individual approach to each client. Depending on the diagnosis, age and personality traits, an individual program is selected for each patient.

Specially trained dolphins with a special attitude to people participate in the therapy. During the course of dolphin therapy, a person receives the necessary complex of physiological and psychological mechanisms of effect on the body.

Dolphin therapy takes place under the supervision of a number of specialists: a doctor, a psychologist and a rehabilitologist. And also to enhance the effect of dolphin therapy, a rehabilitation center has been opened, in which a number of other specialists take on, depending on the problem with which the patient contacted us. Therapy in the Kharkov Dolphinarium "Nemo" includes games therapy, art therapy and fairy tale therapy. Each dolphin therapy session carries elements of creativity and improvisation.

Every person who has been here gains something more than just communicating with animals: a dolphin gives a kind of impetus, an energetic fuse for a jump in its development.

Dolphin therapy

When buying a course (5 lessons) one lesson 2500 UAH

One lesson 3000 UAH

For kids:

— the cost of lesson at the course of 5 sessions (for one lesson) 2500 UAH

— one lesson 3000 UAH

— lessons for pregnant women 2500 UAH

Relax therapy for adults:

— one lesson 3000 UAH

— a course from 5 classes — 2500 UAH (with the possibility to buy more tickets) length of one lesson is 25 min

Visiting the cultural and recreational center "Nemo", you will understand that miracles come true where people believe in them!

You can gain more information and register for the course by phone:

+38 (095) 313 99 99.