Children's Dolphin therapy

Children's Dolphin therapy — experts of the Kharkiv Dolphinarium NEMO deliver professional assistance to children with various special needs through a specially developed program impact Dolphin on the child.

· The cost of classes at the rate of from 5 sessions = 1500 UAH / one lesson

· The cost of classes in the course of 5 sessions (when staying in the hotel) = 1200 UAH / one lesson

· One lesson = 2500 UAH 

Detailed description:

Dolphin therapy is:

· non-specific method of healing and rehabilitation of people with psychosomatic and emotional problems;

· the positive impact of Dolphin human;

· specially arranged therapeutic animal interaction and child;

· a range of therapeutic techniques and methods (aba therapy, body-oriented therapy, art therapy, cognitive-povedencheskoi therapy, play therapy).

Thanks Dolphin therapy, you can:

· to stimulate General mental and physical development;

· to intensify mental capacity;

· to develop it;

· relieve psychosomatic disorders;

· to reduce the unwanted behaviours;

· to stimulate the assimilation of new motor skills;

· to increase self-esteem and personal activity.

Indications for Dolphin therapy course:

· Cerebral palsy;

· Early infantile autism;

· Minimal brain dysfunction;

· The syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity;

· Down Syndrome;

· The delay of mental and speech development;

· Behavioral disorder;

· Neuroses and logoneurosis of various Genesis;

· Psychosomatic disorders;

· Post-traumatic stress disorder;

· Chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system;

· Chronic fatigue.

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