Become a young dolphin trainer

Become a young dolphin trainer — informative and entertaining program for the pupils. Now your child can not only swim with a dolphin, but also to learn the characteristics of salvation, feeding, housing, training dolphins and other marine mammals.

The training program — a lecture about dolphins, especially their behavior and communication. Children will learn the basic operations with these amazing animals and even be able to show at the end of a small room with a dolphin — like real coach on the platform. Throughout the lessons your child is accompanied by an experienced teacher, who is also the coach of the dolphins. At the end of the program children participate in the quiz and receive a certificate of a dolphin trainer at the memory of this unique experience.

· The cost program for children — 2500 UAH.

· The program is designed for 2 days;

· The duration of classes — 2 hours;

· The minimum number of children in the group — 4 people.

· Age category for the program from 6 years.

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