Aquatherapy — a specially designed water exercises aimed at maintaining the overall tone of the body, as well as to correct and prevent a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, as well as rehabilitation after injury.

A distinctive feature of aquatherapy the dolphinarium "Nemo" - is carrying out activities in close proximity to marine mammals, which significantly increases the effectiveness of training and promotes favorable emotional and psychological state.

· The cost of one class - 250 UAH

· Duration - 25 minutes

· Without age and health limitations.

Detailed description:

1. Classes aquatherapy burn large number of calories compared with studies on land, as part of the energy the body expends to maintain thermal balance.

2. Water exercises improve mood, relieve stress and tension.

3. Classes are in the water or relax tone.

4. The exercises in the water, especially in deep water, reduce to zero the possibility of injury, reduce stress on the joints and spine. Resistance and the hydrostatic pressure of water contributes to more effective training of the respiratory system, as compared to the «land» exercises.

5. Normalizes blood pressure.

6. Due to the effect of the massage improves skin tone and muscle.

7. Due to the improved therapeutic properties of water trophic processes, normalization of functions of tissues and organs, there is hardening of the body.

Water dolphin shows people with these health problems:

· Various forms of arthritis;

· cerebral palsy;

· Neurological and psycho-emotional disorders, insomnia, fear of water;

· Back pain;

· Problems with joints, osteoproroz;

· Obesity;

· Cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction;

· Bronchial asthma;

· Vascular dystonia, hypertension;

· Menstrual syndrome and menopause.

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