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Swimming with dolphins

Swimming, bathing and communicating with dolphins are provided in the Donetsk Dolphinarium «Nemo».

Give an unforgettable gift to yourself and your family!

It is a specially organized program, when you're not just here in the water near the dolphins, but feel as a coach

The cost of swimming-bathing with dolphins You can see the description page for prices.

Two Dolphins will put their fins near you, float with you a big circle around the swimming pool, our photographer will take a photo and you will receive a large A-4 photo as a gift.
There is also a possibility of individual VIP-bathing. After five minutes of instruction, you will get into the water with the dolphins. Two dolphins will play with you, roll over their fins, on the tummy and dance waltz with you just as with the coaches.

The cost of individual VIP-bathing You can see the description page for prices.

Your friends and relatives can take photos and shoot a video of you.
Swimming takes place in bathing suits, if necessary, the coach can provide you with suits of your size, towels and slippers. Seawater temperature in the swimming pool is +23C, room temperature is +25С
Children under 5 years get children's inflatable vests. 

In case of any questions, please call Tel.: (095) 319 33 33 
For appointing at a certain time, call Tel.: (095) 319 33 33