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Donetsk Dolphinarium NEMO does not work.
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Our Dolphinarium is a part of the national complex of cultural and recreational centres «Nemo». It is named so in honour of the first dolphin’s cub, born in Ukraine under the supervision of specialists. This joyous event, proving a decent standard of animal welfare in our country happened in Odessa. In Donetsk Dolphinarium «Nemo» live Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and South American seals. During the performances you’re told about the physiology of sea animals, their behaviour peculiarities, as well as the necessity of taking care of nature. Donetsk cultural and recreational complex combines the Dolphinarium, Dolphin Therapy Centre, and soon, the SeaWorld (Aquariums) - hundreds of colorful reef fishes, exotic insects and wonderful reptiles and amphibians from all over the world

In short, «Nemo» is a whole world, mysterious and alluring, which is waiting for its discoverers every day